3 reasons why Sketching is Important

Sketching is a fundamental art process that really helps get across your concepts and ideas. When I first started drawing, I absolutely loved sketching! However, over time I began to sketch less and less, I started looking at my doodles more and more like final drafts. While there's nothing wrong with that, I did realize I was cheating myself out of the creative process. So here are some reasons why I believe sketching is an amazing practice.

1. The Creative Process

Sketching does a Variety of things when it comes to the creative process. It's one of the best forms of brainstorming Ideas for designs because you can create quick simple visuals that you can share with others or for your eyes only. It's pretty much bringing mental images from your head and translating them into reality! (which is pretty awesome)

2. Warm ups:

Warm up drawings are basically a good workout for your hand when it comes to drawing, It also helps you de clutter all the stuff in your head, relax your mind, and get you mentally ready to tear it up in your book! Ever have that moment where yo don't draw for a couple of days and you put your pencil to the paper after your relaxing vacation away from the paper and the results make you just feel like doo doo spit. That happens to me so much I consider it a part of my daily routine, along with eating and showering. For me warm ups helps me break out of that habit (that I still have) bit it makes it easier to get back t drawing form.

3. Repetition

My last reason is repetition and drafting. I absolutely love to make drafts of my artwork, I used to hate it with a burning passion. For a time I used to be Mr. one and done over here shamefully, “up looks great on to the next one it's a final piece!” I used to do this for a while until I realized my art could be a lot better... usually I'll begin with a primary idea sketch loose lines, basic lines, etc, then move on to a more sturdy foundation draft that I can build upon. Upon the foundation I'll start to add my notes of what I'll change and keep then move on to a series of drafting depending on the idea.

Here's an example Below!

Here's my Primary sketch that is more focused from the warm up drawing in my sketchbook. I didn't worry much about the face or shading I just wanted to add notes on what I liked and didn't like. In this example I had a strong idea of what I was going for so I only needed a couple of notes.

Here in the next draft I've gotten more of an idea of what I like, and how I wanted her to look. I started taking my notes into account. I like this draft a lot I would have made it the final draft but, I knew If I kept going I'd make something even more awesome.

So, for this third draft I don't even know what happened. I remember waking up on my couch and being like oh crap! let me get back to work on my piece and I open the book to this! I'm just going to blame this one on drawing at 4 am with Broad city on in the background.

The Final Piece! red Lead one of the most popular Illustrations on my instagram and in the loft shop on our website page! feel free to make a purchase!

To close out this post, this has been my two cents on why sketching is a fundamental process to art

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