1 year in vision Artes.

Last year November Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque, co-fonders of Arts Avenue Nyc took time off of their regular showcase schedules of exhibitions and workshops to pursue a personal goal and dream they have both shared since Childhood. To create comics and share them with the public. Knight and Thelemaque decided to pursue their life long dreams of bringing their stories to the public sphere and created Vision Artes Publishing (Vartes) where their tales and art could come to life and share with with people interested and who mutually loves comics.

Magna Ax created by Emmanuel Knight, and Altafreya Vx created by Gerard Thelemaque are comic stories that have existed with both created since childhood and have been in development for as of this November, 17 years. Wanting to test the waters with their stories before diving in, Knight and Thelemaque began working on one shots (a comic story where the solution and tale ends in the same book) of their comics. to test with readers. On 11/17/17 They introduced the Brand and online publisher Vartes where they published Magna Ax and Altafreya Vx under.

Knight and Thelemaque printed the oneshots under Vartes Magazine and held a public comics showcase event alongside friendly comics company Unbound story ink. In addition to the oneshots of their comics, Vartes released a special Magna Ax Video game and promotional Trading card for guests to go home with.

Since then, Magna Ax has completed a entire first volume with 6 online chapters available to read on this very website as Altafreya vx is gearing up to debut it's second chapter this December!

This November, were celebrating the one year of publication of both titles with a special Magna Ax New One shot comic, an Altafreya Vx special Anniversary Illustration, and one Magna Ax and one Altafrya Vx promotional trading card to be released on the Anniversary and at the end of the Month of this November!

Altafreya Vx chapter 2 releases December 2018, read the exciting first chapter here!

Altafreya Vx chapter 1

Magna Ax returns This Janurary with Chapter 7 of Volume 2! until then catch up on the entire first volume of Magna Ax Volume 1

Magna Ax Volume 1

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