Magna Ax Chapter 5 releases today!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

The great story continues! Magna Ax chapter 5 releases today! along with the 5 chapters are a few changes to the dynamic of Magna Ax's presentation.

Magna Ax's most notable quirk about it is it's now loading page which acts as a homage to a in game loading screen to take you from point to the next. Magna Ax will now follow a 2 act system for it's story the first act will cover the first part of the story and the second act will follow the first now loading screen completing the story.

The name of this chapter's cover is titled Exto Unitias which translates to stand united which is a theme in this chapter especially the end.

Read Magna Ax chapter 5 live now!

catch up with Magna Ax here!

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