Magna Ax Chapter 1 Drops 3/16/18

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

VArtes sequential Art and Illustration's First Mothership title Great story Magna Ax is completed! written and Illustrated by creator Emmanuel Knight @theserialdoodlist, Magna Ax takes place in a fantasy world based on reality serving the post apocalyptic event of the grand disaster A devastating event which left the world devoid and limited of it's Aura (life force)

Our Main character Satoshi Inomata returns home to New Allure city 3 years after the Grand disaster in search of someone from his past. As Sato returns home he sees the city and it's people has changed and that dangerous monsters are now lurking about the city streets! what connections can be made from Sato's return, the looming monsters and that eventful day 3 years ago?

Find out more in Magna Ax chapter 1 tomorrow!

We Have been posting daily on Instagram and our other social media in excitement to Magna's release! we hope you enjoy it!

This is Magna Ax's first official chapter but second publication in on Varte's website. Back in November of 2017, Vartes launched it's online Magazine with one shots of both Mothership titles Magna Ax and Altafreya VX.

while you wait for Magna's release read the Magna Ax one-shot here!


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