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Great Story

Special Arc: The Video Game

Immerse yourself in a classic Rpg Journey

Complete the full arc story of the isle of sanctum In Magna Ax special arc the game! This game features both the part 1 of the comic in addition to part 2 the conclusion which is only playable in this game. 


Embark on a journey with Sato and team Magna as they investigate the disappearance of the Goddess of the isle. What secrets will they uncover on the peaceful isle of eden as they uncover the truth behind the heretic lurking within the depths of the forests.


  • Complete story parts 1 and 2

  • to the isle of sanctum arc:

  • The full playable roster of Magna Ax

  • characters that appear in the comic. 

  • In game soundtrack

  • 3 free Magna Ax downloadable prints that come with the game.