Great Story Magna Ax

Genre: Adventure, Action, Fantasy

Author & Artist: Emmanuel Knight @Manny714

Status: Ongoing 

Latest Chapter: Stage 06 Warmage & Ultimatum

Series Type: Mothership

And So Turns The Wheel of Life.

And so it is Told

3 Years after the Horrific event known as the Grand Disaster, a red-haired boy named Satoshi Inomata returns home to the rebuilt city of new Allure in search of a voice that's been calling out to him. Upon Satoshi's return, he encounters Hanasu Nedena a girl with an illuminating voice. 

in a world where people produce their life force known as Aura to perform uncanny feats. together, Satoshi and Hanasu quickly fall into the mystery surrounding their own special abilities as well as the secrets that creep beneath the wonderous city. 

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