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Inna Bolund



At the beginning - Disney was my passion. I should say, at that time (USSR) it was hardly possible to see Amer./european movies/cartoons on our channels.  But some of my friends had cartoon-magazines. If they allowed to watch them, I tried to memorize the details of the Disney-characters and then drew them at home. Later I started to draw book and movie- characters.


When I was about 10 my mother brought me to our local Art school. I spent 1 day there. At the end of the lessons my teacher talked to my mother, He said it was too late to teach me drawing, cause I already had my personal style and it's better not to break it. That's why my mother was always against my art education since then.

Many times I've tried to get rid off my painting hobby - cause it always seems to be useless. But when I think it's enough -  some new people appear in my life and make me start again.

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2016, 50 x 60 Oil on Canvas $300


2014, 50 x 40 Oil on Canvas $50


2015, 50/60, Oil on Canvas 150$

Barber (Parikmaher)

2015, 50 x 60 oil on canvas 400$


2015, 50 x 60 oil on canvas 200$


2015, 50/40 Oil on Canvas 200$

Starry Night

2016, 50 X 60, Oil on Canvas 150$

Quiet Morning

2015, 50 x 40 Oil on Canvas 70$


2016, 70 x 60 Oil on Canvas 250$


65 x 50 Oil on Canvas $300

2008-20012 - Donna Finch -American writer/poet suggested to illustrate several of her children's books about "Amanda the Panda" and some other.

I started to use oil about 4-5 years ago. My first artworks were copies of some modern artists -Robert Duncan, Jack Vettriano.


About 3 years ago I tried to paint my own oil pictures.  I'm just studying - searching for some perfect idea.


2013-2016 I've  taken part in several Belarusian, Russian exhibitions and art contests Where I received diplomas and 1st prizes 


Aug. 2013 – I took part in Janush Vishnevsky art installation in Minsk, Belarus.


Aug. 2015 – 1st prize in local street art contest Brest.

Nov. 2015 – 1st prize In Art Week – international art contest

Jan. 2016 – young art exhibition “Use Razam - 3” Brest, Belarus

Feb. 2016 – exhibition in Moscow, Russia.

July 2016 – 1st prize in ‘’Kurshinalle’’ international art contest.

Aug. 2016 – exhibition in London, UK.

Oct. 2016 – exhibition in Vejle Denmark.

Nov. 2016 – my  1st personal exhibition in Belarus in  Times café Brest

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