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It Began with a Vision.


VArtes stands for "Vision Artes" is a small studio comprising of a two-man creative team creating story-driven & fascinating creator-owned content

ranging from Comics & Illustrative Art to Video games, Animation, and other forms of experimental media content. VArtes Goal is to create fun, interesting & engaging stories as well as capture the attention and inspire any and all who aim to tell their very own stories through the creative arts. 


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VArtes Origins date back to the 1990s founders Emmanuel Knight Manny714 & Gerard Thelemaque The Pixelist were heavily inspired by Anime, comics, and video games. enthralled by the culture of Saturday Morning Cartoons, Toonami/Adult Swim as well as Jrpgs and Fighting games and stylistic and Bold Art styles. Both creators embarked on a journey to create and tell their own stories the way they were influenced.

The first stories that were created were the titles Magna Ax by Emmanuel and Altafreya Vx (then called Badboy Ax) meant to be a grand story told through 2 different perspectives that end together with Jrpg-Esque storytelling devices. These two stories would be worked on and held close by the creators for 16 Years, Until November 18th, 2017. Both Emmanuel and Gerard debuted Magna & Altafreya in front of a crowd via Varte's first comics event. on the inaugural Anime NYC  Saturday evening. The reception got positive reviews from the local attendees and they fell In love

with Ax & Vx. 

1 Year Later in the spring of 2018 Emmanuel began self serialization of Magna Ax with Gerard following up with Altafreya in the Summer of 2018.


Developing Content:

VArtes See it's self more as a content developer publishing not only its Mothership titles Magna Ax & Altafreya Vx but also other kinds of content such as Motion comic animation and Video games along with other forms of sequential art. 

Mothership Titles: 

M. Titles (Mothership) are mainline titles that are ongoing series directly under VArtes Studio

(think Shounen Jump titles that are ongoing!) 

Escort titles & Guest Titles: 

E. Titles (Escort) are self-contained smaller stories often one-shots that have a shorter run and are completed.

G. titles (Guest) Are content created outside of VArtes Hosted on its page ranging from Illustrations & comic one-shots. 

EXP titles: 

Various Other styles of media content ranging from Video Games, Illustration, animation, and other forms of experimental media.  

Studio Members: 


The Creator of Magna Ax, Manny714 Is an Illustrator, game developer and serial doodlist. Lover of Soda Floats.

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The Pixelist

Creator of Altafreya Vx is an Artist, designer, and fitness instructor. Passionate about health, the creative arts & Domo

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