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  The Loft  Space

It's Friday Night, You're making your way down to Chelsea for an Art exhibition at 529 Arts Avenue passing through Chelsea's fine art galleries on each block each with wide glass windows allowing to peer and peak at art as you go you finally arrive at your destination. But something is amiss. You arrive at a Residential building with a door person You Greet them and ask for Arts Avenue, They smile, and tell you 12B, as you arrive to your destination from the elevator you notice upon entering the 12th floor, You instantly hear the sounds of buzzing chatter, vibing music, and feel the energy of people. enter through the door and you have arrived at 529 Arts Avenue.

The Speakeasy for Artists.



An Intimate Showcase

With today’s cultural schedule, it’s not unusual for gallery openings to compete for visitors. Crowded art fairs and  museum shows can start to seem designed for little more than generating Instagram stories. But how meaningful, really, is a packed house, when no one can even see the art—let alone spend time considering it​​

The loft  space is an intimate Exhibition space in Chelsea created by Emmanuel Knight and Gerard Thelemaque to support the local artist community as well as showcase their talent and works of art.  Allowing creators to share the same space with guests and admirers of art alike. What makes the Loft space different from other galleries is the allure of not quite knowing what to expect when you first walk through those doors and abulity to take your time to fully see and experience the artwork for all it's details.

The Loft space holds carefully curated pop up showcases featuring local Nyc-NJ and ocassional international based artists at affordable costs to the content creators. In addition, our space holds screenings, and performances from local performing artists and creators.

Photo credit: Aj Forrisi

The Speak Easy for Artists 

The Loft Studio Space 

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