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Presentation for Independent comics.

P.I.C. Expo, which stands for Presentation for Independent Comics is the inaugural comics event focusing on independent collectives and publishers to introduce and advertise current upcoming comics and content as well as related merchandise to the general public and potential retailers. P.I.C. Expo provides a space intimate space along with an aesthetic vibe to connect content creators and lovers in one place to celebrate independent comics and sequential art. 

Sponsored by Arts Avenue Nyc, the inaugural P.I.C. Expo will feature a line up of presented works by V-Artes Publishing & Unbound story Ink highlighting their published content as well as upcoming trailers for what's to come for 2020. 

P.I.C. Expo is free and open to the General public to attend! 


P.I.C. Expo takes place at Arts Avenue NYC on 11/23/2019 Book Tickets Now.

Book Showcase Tickets!
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