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Dario Mohr 


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Dario Mohr is an American Fine Artist, Painter, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Fashion Designer, and Curator and founder of AnkhLave Mind Media. Born by a Grenadian mother with roots to West Africa and Italian Father. His mother was a single parent who surrounded herself with people from other cultural affiliations. Having emigrated to this country, by herself; she identified with being a foreigner. She honored her Caribbean roots as well as others cultural affiliations and taught Dario to not only be open minded but to embrace cultures. 


He moved a lot with his mother to cities including Manhattan, San Francisco, Queens and Buffalo to name a few. Having moved so often he became aware of styles and trends and with an oppositional attitude toward the norms. It was second nature for him to reject affiliations and was touted as rebellious and in many ways his own person by teachers and others around him. This lead to a degree of isolation growing up though he maintained a constant through his original cartoon and superhero drawings amounting to over 4,000 original character designs with fleshed out storylines which have been published and exhibited. His illustration later leads to extensive explorations into fine art and painting.  


Receiving a degree in Philosophy and Fine Art with concentration in Painting, Dario embarked on a creative journey to develop an ideological platform for his creative voice. Having seen so many parallels in the history of religion, as well as linguistically, and culturally, Dario sought to demystify ambiguity he felt in the history of culture and to tie them to the foundation of African culture. 

Dario’s art has become more mystical in nature incorporating sacred geometry including the platonic solids, the flower of life and fractals taking explorations into the lineage of religions and eastern philosophy’s roots in Africa. He has an intense interest in understanding the origins of culture, religious icons, and symbolism rooted to the original people of Africa.  


Dario has showcased consistently throughout his undergraduate degree and afterward having showcased over 25 one man shows, 10 festivals and over 85 group shows internationally and his work has been featured in many publications. As a renaissance man constantly compelled by newness, he found himself in graphic design and digital art and formed Apophenic Graphics having created logos for record labels, musicians, and small businesses. He soon after became a designer of 2 lines intending to bring Fine Art to the forefront of Fashion under the Aliases Daft Minerva Fine Art Fashion and Buddhahood Threads. Both of which have graced New York Fashion Week and have been featured in numerous publications including Lucky Mag, AfroPunk, I-Fashion Magazine, etc.

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Dairo Mohr
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