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We Stand Together

Listed below are some resources and links in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement. Each link will be credited and cited with linked sources. 

This page will be updated regularly.

Educational Links:

Looking to become a better ally to the Black Lives Matter Movement but aren't sure where to start?  Listed below is

a google doc created by two Twitter users 

Bryanna Wallace & Autumn Gupta. 

This Document will provide a super structured format that is incredibly easy to follow.

Non-profits & Organizations

Below is a list of 15 organizations fighting for racial justice. Through act blue, you can split a donation to all groups listed on this page, or allocate specific amounts to individual groups. Below is a box with links to each website for more information as well. 

Donation Links:

With the organization ActBlue, You can make a 

one time donation, or as many as you'd like through

their link provided below. You have the option to 

split your donation between all these organizations 

or even set the amount yourself/ choose a single one

to contribute to. 

Mega thread of resources

Listed here is a link provided and created by NY Magazine for 142 additional resources/ways to support Black lives matter & communities of color. 

Documentaries & Media Content

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