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Featured Artist Page 

Featured Artist Amenities:

  • Artist Profile with portfolio

  • Artist Cv/Resume Upload/listed on artist profile 

  • Portfolio of work/series of work

  • Social Media, website, store links listed on profile 

  • Artist Event and showcases listed.

  • Acess to our 529 Arts Avenue network of Artists and events

we recognize that when it comes to the Art world it can be a hustle when it comes to showcasing, selling and getting your name out there as an Artist.we here at 529 Arts Avenue are dedicated to helping in any way we can. Thus We've created the featured Artist page Invite Local Artists to become Arts Avenue Featured  Artist.


Through becoming an Arts Avenue featured artist we manage your artist profile from uploading your artist bio and statement, to linking all your social media handles, website, and store all to your featured artist profile. Our favorite of the featured artist pages the events and info section of featured profile! On every Profile are highlighted links of events the artist has and or will be showcasing with a link to that show's information/tickets etc!


We Believe in the artist and their creative process and are making strides to help Local artists in every way we can to support their artistic careers. 

Just Think of us as your Very own PR manager for your art!​

A Bonus featured that comes with this page is an offer for additional promotion! we now will offer an option to opt for a blog post about your work, and a podcast about your work and artist career! free of charge! 


When applying for the featured artist page you can now opt for a blog post, and podcast about your work and artistic career no matter what stage! we will conduct, write, and produce your blog post and interview right here on our website and give you the links to share it and let people know more about you as an artist and creative! People always love to know more about the artist that creates the piece as much as
it'sself. By establishing a deeper connection to your audience you increase traffic, and gain potential buyers for your work! artwork

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