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Stay Safe! NYC

Due to the events surrounding Covid19 (Corona Virus) Arts Avenue, NYC has suspended all events and activities until further notice.


 We urge that you all take care of yourselves during this time and take any and all necessary precautions to keep yourselves and loved ones safe during this time. one thing to remember is kindness and empathy.


and that although we're going through a pandemic there's always time to spread kindness and care! This is a rough time however, it'll take more than a virus to stop NYC and it's creative & hardworking people. Together we'll overcome this. we've listed below a link for more Covid19 information! 

Paint Battle 2020

Due to the current events around Covi19, We have decided to postpone Paint Battle 2020 until further notice. However! Paint Battle goes on at a later date! please stay tuned for more updates

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